About Us


Salus Equito (Latin for “Healing Horse”) is founded on the establishment of a bond between the horse and the rider. Through the interaction and independance that exists between the client and the therapy horse, the individual’s needs are addressed. The healing happens when the client reacts with the horse in such a way that they are able to reach beyond themselves and the particular challenge that confronts them. The healing is not only for the client, but extends to family members, friends, and anyone who is in a relationship with the client. The “healing” extends well beyond the confines of the arena.

Debbie Farley started the Salus Equito Therapeutic Riding Center in 2003 with a desire to improve the lifestyle of those with emotional, physical, behavioral and mental challenges. Jim Farley completed training and started instructing in 2005, expanding the program to the growing client base.


In 2009, Salus Equito Therapeutic Center received recognition as a 501c3 non-profit organization, allowing the group to accept tax deductible donations.

As a non-profit, Salus Equito accepts donations for riding scholarships, equiptment, support and well being of the horses. Our two major projects currently underway are:

  1. Purchasing property to grow this program so that it will be able to support more clients long-term.
  2. To build a covered arena that will allow reliable scheduling of clients regardless of the weather.

All donations are directly applied to benefit the clients with scholarships, equiptment, well being of the horses or improvement of the facilities. None of the volunteers, helpers or board accept any compensation for their services.

Equestrian Special Olympics

Clients of Salus Equito compete each fall in the Maine Equine Special Olympics in Skowhegan, Maine. Clients demonstrate their abilities in handling the horses through a series of exciting organized and judged programs. Proud riders, parents, instructors and directors go home with a feeling of accomplishment and community that literally makes all the effort worthwhile.